Young Living are the world leaders and pioneers in the Essential Oil Industry. From humble beginnings Gary Young established Young Living in 1993. He had a vision to see essential oils in every home in the world and a mission to inspire wellness, purpose and abundance for members.

Young Living has many points of difference but arguably one of the biggest points is their quality and integrity! Young Living own their own farms and have partner farms meaning that Young Living can control the quality of the Essential Oil right from the seed going into the ground to the seal of the bottle. We proudly call this our Seed to Seal promise. Find more information here:

Young Living are beyond organic.

Young Living has 33 oils approved for Food Flavourings by Food Standards Australia. They are the only essential oils with this approval.

Young Living also plants more plants and trees each year than they harvest. They have a very sustainable and eco conscience. I am so proud of their Philanthropathic heart. For more information have a look at Young Living Foundation to see the incredible work that this foundation is doing in giving back to the communities in need.

For these reasons we only use and recommend Young Living Essential Oils in our products and home.

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